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Inside Allenwood: The Story of a British Banker in a US Prison is an Amazon bestseller, published by Quiller in 2021 and described by the Daily Mail as ‘fascinating, dark and sometimes grotesquely comic.’ Inside Allenwood has been further praised by reviewers and in the press, with Publishers Weekly writing: ‘This intriguing look at the American justice system will appeal to true crime fans as well as those who enjoy a good fish-out-of-water story.’

George co-wrote Inside Allenwood alongside Giles Darby, whose story the book tells. George worked with Giles to turn a stack of raw, handwritten prison letters into the story of a man who had it all… and then lost it.

Inside Allenwood has reached thousands of readers, shining a light on a world of brutality and injustice most of us could only ever imagine. It is available through Amazon and at all major book sellers, including Foyles and Waterstones.

George has also edited several non-fiction books by various authors, including Reflections on a Life Well Lived: the final memoir of the late golfing great Peter Alliss. Reflections was published by Lennard Publishing in 2022.

George also edited Burned, the memoir of Sue Dobson, a former ANC spy in South Africa. Burned is being made into a film, having been published in 2023 by Vine Leaves Press. George worked collaboratively with Sue to turn her manuscript into a publication-ready work of narrative non-fiction.

Two more books in which George played a role as an editor or editorial consultant will be published in 2024: an explosive work of non-fiction which lifts the lid on the crypto industry and a financial thriller in the vein of Dan Brown.

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