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George has years of experience working with other people’s manuscripts as a ghostwriter and editor. He has ghostwritten true-crime stories, edited sporting memoirs and financial thrillers, and co-written slick and artful works of narrative non-fiction.


George offers a range of editorial services. If you want to write a book but don’t know where to start, or if you have a writing project which has stalled and needs professional help, George can work with you as an editor or ghostwriter. He also works directly with publishers. Get in touch for quotes or to discuss a project.

Manuscript Assessment

If you’re a writer ready to submit your manuscript to an agent, or if you’re an agent thinking about sending a proposal to a publisher, consider hiring George for a manuscript assessment. George reviews manuscripts and produces comprehensive reader reports to highlight your book’s strengths and weaknesses.

George will read either a portion of a manuscript – as little as the opening chapter – or the entire text. He will then write a report to assess the quality of the writing, the narrative, and the premise, and to offer a genuine reader’s first impressions of the book. This service is particularly useful in providing clear and concrete direction for subsequent edits.

George currently works with a London literary agency as an editorial consultant, providing reports on the viability and quality of submissions across both fiction and non-fiction.   



George is an experienced writer and editor, having worked on numerous books for traditional publication. Depending on the project, George can provide line edits, developmental edits or a simple copy edit. In all cases, his intention is to make your book as good as it can be, with the tightest possible prose and a story which really sings.

George edits collaboratively, working with his clients to make sure their vision isn’t lost to the editing process. He is an expert at polishing texts while preserving the author’s authenticity and voice, and his editorial experience has already helped authors find publishers for the books they had always dreamed of writing. George works across genres, and he has no fear of tight deadlines.



George has worked with clients at all stages of the publishing process – including starting from scratch and finishing with an original and well-written book ready to hit the shelves. If you have already started writing your story, George can work with you to add some editorial polish and turn your draft into a completed and publication-ready manuscript. Or if you don’t know where to start, he can work with you to develop and write your book from nothing.

Read more about George’s ghostwriting services here.

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